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Torture Test

When making the investment to light up one of your rigs with some off-road LED lighting products, it is important to find a light with tested and proven durability.

At Stingray Industries LED, we understand the importance of a reliably durable and strong lighting product, regardless of the conditions it faces.

Whether you plan to light up the water with a boat mount or tear it up in your razr, your lights should make it out in one piece. This is why members of the Stingray Industries LED Torture Team put some of our lighting products to the test.

Test One: Power Drill vs. Pod Light

First, we turned to the power drill to inflict some serious pain and anger on the SRI Pod Light. With the force, speed, and pressure of the drill point, the power drill made for a solid opponent to our light. However, while the drill put up a strong fight, scratching its way at the surface, the SRI Pod Light ultimately came out on top. Even with the constant contact between the sharp drill point and the Pod’s housing, the power drill wasn’t able to penetrate the surface of our heavy duty PC Lens Material or Diecast Aluminum Housing. Better luck next time, power drill!

Test Two: F-250 vs. Pod Light

After passing the power drill test with flying colors, the SRI Torture Team prepared the Pod Light for its next challenge: the F-250. This challenge really tested the raw strength of the Pod Light’s housing, as well as the quality of its build. Even with the uneven matchup in statistics, the SRI Pod held its own and did not collapse under the pressure of the truck. Unbelievable!

So, there you have it. After withstanding the harshest of conditions from two very powerful opponents, the Stingray Industries LED Pod Light undoubtedly proves its quality and durability. Even with the tortured Pod Light being one of the smallest products in our lineup, its

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    Posted at 03:07h, 22 March

    I have these on my Tahoe and absolutely love them! Can’t drive without them!

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