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Telescoping Duck Boat System


Stingray Industries LED Lighting is happy to announce the launch of the SRI Telescoping Duck Boat System. Being lifelong avid waterfowl hunters as well as innovators within the LED Lighting Industry, we took a simple concept and applied it to duck boats; higher light elevation equates to farther light projection. A common trend we have noticed through testing and observing other duck boat lighting systems currently on the market is the core foundation behind the features of these system are “low profile and ascetically pleasing”, ultimately missing the main driving factor behind all of our lighting systems which is FUNCTIONALITY. The SRI Telescoping Duck Boat System consists of two, SRI Quad Lights in a combo beam(spot/flood), mounted on top of a telescoping pole that extends from 1ft-3ft and has the ability to swivel 360 degrees, allowing you to have Light Where You Need It the Most. This system completely eliminates the single purpose, bolt on lighting units for the front of a boat which only give you light in one direction and have no ability to turn for purposes such as changing the angle of your light direction, backing in your boat, lighting up the interior of your boat, or setting a open water decoy spread. If you are looking for a system that solves any and all duck hunting lighting needs, the SRI Telescoping Duck Boat System has you covered!

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Product Features:
  • 360 Degree Telescoping Swivel Pole
Product Specifications:
  • 10,000 Lumen (5,000 Lumen/Light)
  • IP 68

*Includes Mounting Hardware and Bracketing Mounts

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