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Concealed Carry COVERT

$295.00 $250.00

The Concealed Carry – COVERT is a more compact, lighter, and longer running version of our Concealed Carry – ORIGINAL. The Concealed Carry- COVERT consists of (two), 2” scene lights, each emitting 1,800 lumens per light in a 120 degree flood beam. Each light is mounted to our 65lb pull rubber backed magnets, allowing you to mount the lights not only to the box itself, but also utilize the 4-8ft extendable coil wire attached to both lights in order to place each light in a separate locations. Having a built-in battery/charging system, this unit will last up to 10 hours on a single charge and has a lifespan of 600 recharge cycles. The only constant between our CC-Orignial and the CC-Covert is the durability, versatility, and SRI performance, allowing you to have LIGHT WHERE YOU NEED IT MOST! 

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