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Here at Stingray Industries LED Lighting we pride ourselves on continuously finding “lack of light” situations and providing a solution which is exactly what led us to create the Concealed Carry Light. Using two, 120 degree SRI Scene Lights, producing 3,500 lumens/light, industrial grade 60lb rubber backed magnets, and a lithium ion rechargeable battery all packed within a custom built metal box, the concealed carry is your ultimate remote lighting solution. Each light is connected to a piece of extendable coil wire, allowing each light to magnet or hang in separate locations or simply rest on-top of the box, ultimately creating the widest spread and most versatile remote lighting solution the market has to offer. From a durability standpoint, each light is IP69k rated (fully waterproof) and we have incorporated a water resistant seal within the box itself, allowing this system to be used in heavy rain and marine applications. Strength wise, virtually no day to day use will damage the box and when in travel/storage, the lights can be disconnected from a quick connect plug in and placed within the box on mounting brackets for ultimate portability. When you live by the mission of creating Light Where You Need It Most, innovative products such as the Concealed Carry are born!


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Product Specifications:
  • 3,500 Lumen/Light (2)
  • 20 ah or 40 ah Battery
    • 20 ah Battery: 4-5 Hour Run Time
    • 40 ah Battery: 6-8 Hour Run Time
Product Features:
  • .50 Cal Ammo Box
  • Built-In Battery Tender System (Fully Enclosed)

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20 ah, 40 ah

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